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Custom Book Formatting

After spending months or years writing your book, the last thing you want is to have your words lost in a mess of formatting errors. Not only can errors lead to bad reviews (or even returns!), they also completely undercut the labor and care you put into writing your work. While some programs, and even formatting services, claim they can easily convert your manuscript with a few clicks (e.g. a “meat grinder”), that almost always leads to problems. I format every book by hand to ensure a clean, optimized file free of all the junk and glitches that accompany automated formatting services. Let me hand code your manuscript to fit your vision while still maintaining industry standards for a professional look!

Publishing Industry Standards


Some of the steps included in the formatting of your manuscript.

01. Cleaning
  • Building margins and ensuring consistency of spacing as necessary to print at the requested size
  • Converting all apostrophes, single quotes, double quotes, ellipses, and em-dashes to the appropriate HTML code (for eBook), or the appropriate symbol for print
  • Removing extraneous spacing (indents, double spaces) and replacing them with the appropriate CSS style (for eBook), or applying styles for print
  • Converting images and tables into Kindle-friendly versions for readability
02. Creating
  • Creating and formatting front matter (title page, copyright page, etc)
  • Building an accurate Table of Contents (including a meta-data ToC for eBook)
  • Formatting chapter titles and ensuring they all begin on a new page
  • Creating hyperlinks where needed (e.g. author’s website, Amazon page, etc)
  • Adding flourishes for chapter or section breaks, if desired


We know self-published authors are often working within a very limited budget and have priced our services accordingly. If you don't see what you are looking for below, please don't hesitate to reach out. We have several other options and are flexible to your needs.

Print Formatting

Ready to print

$7Per 10K Words
  • PDF file at 300 dpi
  • validated against printer requirements
  • formatted Word doc, if requested
eBook Formatting

Upload and go

$9Per 10K Words
  • hand-coded for optimization
  • HTML file, epub, and mobi files included
  • validated using an epub checker and KindleGen
Formatting Package

Save 32%!

$11Per 10K Words
  • PDF file at 300 dpi
  • HTML, epub, and mobi files
  • validated against required publishing specs
Less than 10K

Flat Fee

  • Print and eBook combo: $11
  • Print Formatting: $7
  • eBook Formatting: $9
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